14 Easy Homeschool Art Projects

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Do you have a homeschooler who loves art? If so, you’ll want to check out these fun and engaging homeschool art projects that will get your child’s creative juices flowing! From painting and sculpture to drawing and collage, there’s something here for every budding artist to enjoy. So grab those supplies and get ready to let the creativity flow!

Gather materials

If you’re looking to introduce your children to the world of art with a homeschool activity, then you need to look no further. Gather all of the materials needed for your exciting project: construction paper, glue, scissors, and crayons or markers.

The possibilities with these objects are endless, so don’t be afraid to be creative and have fun! Start off simple with a colorful collage that details abstract shapes; your children will be sure to love it!

Maybe you’ll go one step further and make a mosaic picture out of variously colored pieces of paper! It’s up to you – let their imaginations run wild and enjoy the process together.

Homeschool Art Projects

1. Draw a picture of your family or friends

Home art projects are a great way to connect with family and friends through creativity. Drawing a picture of your family or friends is a wonderful way to express yourself artistically and capture special moments in time.

Working on a portrait of loved ones can be incredibly fulfilling and can bring untold joy, both during the process and afterwards when you’re able to look back at the artwork you have created.

You don’t need any prior experience in drawing or skills – just be creative, let your imagination take flight, and enjoy the process! With some practice, colors, and warmth, you can create something that will last forever.

2. Cut out images from magazines to create a collage

Creating art from cutout images from magazines has to be one of the most exciting and creative activities to do when you’re homeschooling. Collages allow you to express yourself freely, while exploring different textures and colors at the same time.

Not only that, but it’s a great way to spark discussions about current events and everyday life. Plus, it encourages your child to become an independent thinker by allowing them the space to think outside the box! All in all, it’s an imaginative project that takes art appreciation to a whole new level.

3. Make a sculpture out of clay or playdough

Homeschooling can often be a challenge, but art projects can make it fun. A great one to try is creating a sculpture out of clay or playdough. Not only will this inspire your children to use their imagination and explore their creative energy, but they’ll also get to learn some basics of 3D modelling and construction.

Once the sculpture has been completed, you can even have them work on coloring it, or add other materials such as Crayola Model Magic, wire coils etc. for further embellishment. This is an art project that will truly engage your children’s interest -from start to finish!

4. Paint a picture using different colors and patterns

Homeschooling art projects are unlimited in their possibilities! Engaging children in art activities will help them build on creativity and motor skills, while also having fun.

A great way to both fascinate and educate your child is to have them create a work of art by painting patterns and colors on a canvas. With just some paint, brushes, and enough imagination your child can produce a grand piece of artwork that will sure to yield compliments from everyone who sees it.

Your little artist won’t be able to stop talking about their new masterpiece! Let your child set the creative direction as they discover the power of color and shapes while working diligently on their own unique representation. The finished project will be admired by all, including yourself.

5. Blow Painting

Art projects provide a wonderful way to learn and often bring out new talents in children. One of the newer ways to explore artistic endeavors is with homeschooling art blow painting. This exciting activity allows children to explore their creativity without making a mess of their home environment, since the mediums used are either water or sand based.

By using blow painting techniques with these paint mediums, children can create almost any image they can imagine; from shapes and designs, to actual pictures.

With this hands-on project, kids get to enjoy learning in a creative way that strengthens their problem-solving skills and opens them up to explore their imagination in an exciting way.

6. Wooden Peg Animals

Homeschooling art can be a fun and unique way for kids to express themselves while learning artistically. One popular project among homeschoolers is creating wooden peg animals. Peg animals create vibrant three-dimensional art by combining colorful pieces of wood with small hardware items and paint, allowing children to explore the world of sculpture without getting too technical.

They are also simple enough that kids of any age can follow along, whether they’re just starting out in art or if they’re advanced practicably minded. Even better, when these projects are complete, families get to admire their creations as an animal menagerie proudly displayed in the home or office!

7. Paint with Water

Homeschooling art doesn’t need to break the bank, nor require a lot of fancy supplies. In fact, an interesting activity for many kids is “paint with water.” All you need for this activity is a set of water-resistant color pencils and watercolor paper or boards. Encouraging budding artists to draw on their paper with the colored pencils as they would with traditional pencils and then brush over them with clean water will bring immediately bring about a transformation!

The colors will come alive and spread out over the page in unexpected ways! It’s a different kind of painting everyone can have fun doing without needing any additional supplies like paint brushes, pigments, and other mediums. Homeschooling art can be fun and creative with just some basic supplies like these.

8. Origami Fish 

Homeschooling art can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both parents and students. One particular example is the creation of origami fish, a timeless art form dating back to ancient China. This art is perfect for younger children as it requires no special materials and produces beautiful results with relatively simple instructions.

With careful guidance from their parents, children can learn how to make origami fish that look just as amazing as any professional design. In addition, even more complex designs are achievable with practice, providing endless opportunities for continued learning and creativity within the home.

It’s no surprise that teaching art through homeschooling projects such as the origami fish can leave lasting impressions in both the minds of children and the hearts of their parents!

9. Make candles

Drawing and painting offer timeless ways to express creativity, but what about those who want to learn something a little more three-dimensional? Homeschooling art classes present students with the opportunity to experience new mediums such as crafting candles. From soy wax to paraffin and beeswax, every type of candle-maker has a lot of elements to consider when selecting their materials. Short wick or long? What color will easily fit into the home decor?

All these things must be taken into account in addition to learning proper pouring techniques and safety guidelines. There’s even an entire world of candle scents to explore that can be matched perfectly with any personality or room.

Crafting candles by hand is an especially rewarding process, one where student creations can inspire future endeavors in the same art form – or another completely different one!

10. Make a Calendar

Homeschooling art can be a fun and educational way to engage children in the arts. One of the best activities you can do to keep children engaged is to make a calendar. Doing this encourages creativity, organization, and responsibility.

With the flexibility that homeschooling allows, it can be easy for students to get off track, but making a calendar of activities helps develop structure and gives students more freedom in how they want to complete their assignments. It also teaches them how to properly budget their time and prioritize the necessary work that needs to be done.

Furthermore, by having their weekly schedule written out for them visually, children will become more familiar with tracking dates and reflecting on their progress as the year progresses.

11. Fingerprint tree

Homeschooling art can be a creative and educational outlet. One interesting project that families could try is creating a fingerprint tree. This could involve taking a large sheet of paper, drawing a tree trunk and several branches, then each family member dipping their finger in paint or ink to create leaves on the tree. This project would not only be fun for everyone involved, but it would also be a great keepsake of their family history.

In addition to fostering creativity, projects like this help teach children about branch structure and the relationships between them and their family members. Homeschooling art provides parents with an excellent opportunity to open the door to learning in fun and memorable ways.

Homeschool Art Projects

12. Pull yarn through paint

Art education at home doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated! One fun and easy activity parents can try with their kids is pull yarn through paint. All you need to do is get some tempera paint, pour it onto a paper plate or other wide and shallow container, then dip your yarn into the paint and pull it through.

Children of all ages will love watching as the patterns begin to form on their paper as the yarn comes out the other side! This low cost, highly engaging project will help boost creativity in your homeschooling art class while also providing an opportunity for science exploration as kids watch how the paint and yarn interact together.

13. Fabric Crafts

Homeschooling art projects don’t always have to follow the traditional paint and canvases approach. Embracing fabric crafts is a wonderful way for students to explore creativity in a tangible form. From quilting and sewing to weaving and knitting, there are endless possibilities for kids to get their hands on different types of colorful fabrics and create one-of-a-kind works of art.

Fabric crafts can also be incredibly useful in learning history or geography; why not create a map quilt that highlights the states you learn about together? Fabric crafting offers students an opportunity to hone their hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, math knowledge, and so much more – all whilst having fun and building self confidence!

14. Clay Crafts

Homeschoolers and educators alike are always looking for creative and engaging ways to teach art. Clay craft projects are one of the most fun, versatile, and rewarding art mediums available.

Students can learn a variety of techniques with clay, such as pinch pots, coil construction, additive sculpture, and surface decoration. Not only that, but activities with clay also promote development in problem solving, dexterity, fine motor skills, 3-dimensional thinking and creativity while largely limiting direct messes.

Each project makes the learning process interactive and hands-on as children literally get their hands dirty with this ever popular material. Clay crafts make it easy for teachers to give students of any age or level the opportunity to try something new with an enjoyable twist.


These are just a few ideas to get you started. Be creative and have fun! There’s no wrong way to make art. Art is a great way to express yourself, relax, and unwind. It can also be a fun activity to do with family and friends. Do you have any other ideas for how to make art? Share them in the comments below!

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